A few updates

When you are planning on having some blog downtime while going self hosted and things don’t exactly go as planned, you have no posts scheduled.  So here are a few life updates:

  1. Remember the bug bite situation?  Turns out we had some birds living under our back porch that were eaten up with bird mites.  The mites were hitching a ride on our fur children and playing house in our sofa.  One exterminator visit later, the mites are gone and we have pre-scheduled exterminator visits every other month now.  Let’s file that under things I never want to go through again.
  2. Speaking of things I never want to go through… it looks like the MRSA has reared it’s ugly head again.  Remember the first and second time it happened?  Yesterday I had another spot come up and knew immediately that I was dealing with it again.  I started on an antibiotic ASAP, faster than I ever have with this infection, so I am hoping to head it off and be done with it.  It is along my jawbone this time and hurts every time I speak, chew, or basically move my mouth.  Grand.
  3. So I figured out my self hosting problem.  I had someone from WordPress respond to my forum post to say that there is a glitch in unlocking domains and they are “working on it” right now and will add my domain to the list of those to fix.  They have no ETA of when they will resolve the problem.  My domain name expires next month, so I am wondering if they will even have it resolved then.  If not, I will probably just let it expire, give you all a heads up that I will be down for a while ahead of time, and hope for the best.  And by hope for the best, I mean hope no one steals my name until I can get it back.

Tell me about the worst kind of sick you have ever been.

Obviously, as a nurse, I love these stories.  We are a sick breed, us healthcare people.

Wanna take bets on how long it takes WordPress to fix my problem (assuming it ever gets resolved)?

That went over like a fart in church

Soooooo my attempts to self host were a big flop.  But I am one step closer!  And made the decision to pay the pretty inexpensive fee to have some assistance.  I am gonna be honest here: I would rather be living my life than spending hours slaving over a computer.  The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I started to cry, I became so frustrated.  The lightbulb went off, I told myself that this wasn’t going over so well, and that I wanted to get off the sofa and go outside with the hubs instead of staring at the screen.  So I emailed someone to do it for me, and went outside to do just that.  No regrets there, my friends.

German shepherd partners

german shepherds playing

A few other moments from the weekend:

Drinking coffee at 5pm from my Durham coffee mug while catching up on Pretty Little Liars.  I had stopped my PLL addiction, then binge watched it on the DVR and now I’m hooked again.

I love Durham mug


It was really hard to go to work on Saturday morning when this little girl was cuddling with me in my lap.  She does this every morning that I work, and every morning it kills me.

dachshund cuddles


Huge salads on Sunday afternoons are the best kind of fuel for a hardcore spin class.  And if you are wondering, no, I didn’t eat all that salad dressing.

O'Charley's southern friend chicken salad



Did you know that Firehouse Subs had Sriracha Beef sandwich?!?!  It is so good.  I got extra sriracha, duh.

firehouse subs sriracha


Tell me 3 fun things you did this weekend.

Those of you who have switched from wordpress to self hosted: Did you have trouble unlocking your domain?  Wordpress just doesn’t want to cooperate, and they have absolutely no tech support.  Just one of the reasons I am making the switch.